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Get a general idea of what I feel towards Tarot and how I conduct my readings...
Are you interested in getting a tarot reading but feel like you need more insight into what it's all about? Great! I want to take the time to explain what I think people should know about Tarot before getting a reading with me. Keep in mind every person who reads tarot is different and how I read cards and what I believe can be different from others. If what I share doesn't resonate, keep looking for things that do.
Tarot is usually seen as wicked, sinful, evil, and whatever else people in history have projected onto it. A lot of people ask if I can tell their future which is not what I try or claim to do. I believe in the Tarot as a powerful tool for self-exploration and familiarization of your psyche. Plainly speaking the Tarot is a deck of 78 cards, these cards spark a remembrance and speak to the archetypes within all of us. When you go to get a reading, it's like having a conversation with your gut or intuition and I'm just giving it a voice. You will shuffle the cards, focusing on putting your energy into them and what you'd like insight into, then I lay the cards out and discuss with you how I think the cards can relate to your life, why, and the message you may be trying to communicate with yourself. The Tarot is useful in assessing where you are in life right now and figuring where you want to go next, how to get there, and the trials and tribulations you could face along the way according to the present moment. Ultimately, whatever comes forward to be discussed in the reading and what "comes true" is based on the actions you take after the reading. 
My best advice after a reading is to focus on yourself and what the present moment gifted to you in your reading.

My Tarot Services:
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For Individual Online Sessions I have an hourly rate of
For Individual In Person Sessions I have an hourly rate of $30
The above fees are suggested to support my cost of living. Should you not be able to afford the service fees, I accept any and all donations. 

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